Oct 11, 2017

A well-cherished honey moon is the stuff of lifelong memories; however, it does not have to put you in debt for the rest of your life. You just need to be prudent about how and where you spend your hard earned dollars. Here is how you may be able to enjoy that ideal honeymoon on a low budget: 

Do your research 

When planning your dream honeymoon on a low budget, a little researching goes a long way. You simply have to figure out:

·       Where to go?

The least expensive fun destinations on the planet

·       How to get there?

Log on to the internet and search for the cheapest bus, plane, and train tickets. It’s easy really, as all the information you need is only a click away.

·       The best time to go there?

Try the offseason since many resorts and vacation spots offer off season discounts 

There are many destinations that might ‘fit the bill’ so to speak: 

Tulum, Mexico: Lap your feet in the waters of the Caribbean Sea

Mexico is world renowned for being an affordable honeymoon destination, thanks to its miles upon miles of pristine white beaches, swimming, snorkeling and other water sporting activities that don’t cost a big fortune. As with almost all well known holiday destinations there are different rates to suit different budgets.

 The more expensive resorts would set you back $600 a night, and sometimes higher. But there are other more affordable options that offer excellent value for money.  Tulum’s Freedom Paradise is a cute little, boutique hotel located on a secluded stretch of white sandy beach whose waters lap the Caribbean Sea. The Rooming accommodations open directly on the beach and their rates are phenomenal. A mere $79 per night for one person. They also provide an all-inclusive plan with all meals included, along with unlimited beverages, activities and even taxes

Edinburgh: The Athens of the North

Steeped in classical antiquity and folklore, the ancient city of Edinburgh was the royal seat of Scotland. This ancient city has been around since the long lost days of the Celtic tribes that existed millennia back. Indeed the haunting legacy of a bygone era can still be seen amongst more modern structures making Edinburgh a ‘must see’ honeymoon destination.  Traveling to the outskirts of the ancient city will allow you to see picture-postcard scenery, charming villages, old castles and vibrant green that stretches for what seems like forever.  And best of all, it’s not that expensive. You can get a motel room easily under $100 a night. 

Tatai, Cambodia: The Jewel of the Orient

While flights to Cambodia may cost more due to the long distances involved, once you reach your destination, you’ll find that your hard earned dollars go much further than just about any popular honeymoon spots in the world. The famous 4 Rivers Resort Lodge in Tatai for instance, (close to the border with Thailand) is located almost within unspoiled virgin forest surrounded by rare tropical flowers. Wake up every morning to the haunting call of the bird of paradise and try to catch a fleeting glimpse of elusive forest animals. This luxury boutique resort offers floating rooms and comes complete with kayaks. It offers peaceful seclusion and high-end amenities – all for a bargain price of only $100 a night.

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